NGO President

Seryozha Ohanjanyan, President of “EKHO” NGO

Dear Reader,

I greet you in “EKHO” NGO’s official website. Visiting our official page you’ll get to know our activities, performed and urgent projects. As you see, we’ve tried to render the website with new design and more abundant information, so that everything will be clear and understandable to our visitors. Photos and videos placed in website give you an opportunity to get acquainted with our organization activity. You can leave your desires, wished and comments in forum.

How the organization has been established

Only a strong pain gives full freedom to our souls,
infiltrates in the outermost depths of our gist…
The one, for whom it was almost fatal
Proudly can say-I know much more about this life.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Having disabilities since childhood, which is connected with locomotor system, I deeply realize and understand the hard daily routine, and all the problems arising from it, of people with disabilities. My mother, Angela Ohanjanyan, being a parent of a child with disabilities, has inly felt and realized expected further difficulties, so-called closed doors. Therefore, she with her efforts , combining parents of children with disabilities, in 2008, initiated and founded the “EKHO” human rights NGO, which main goal is right protection of people with disabilities and ensuring affordable conditions.

Our team was formed, because parents of children with disabilities had active participation, who perceiving them as an important part of human diversity, gathered for the sake of creation their accessible environment and life improving. One of the activity’s features is equally payed attention to the problems of people with disabilities, and at the same time the support given appropriate programs directed to the solution of that problems.

I extremely highlight, that in the core of this program is discipline, transparency, mutual respect and structural clarity.
According to the data of Ministry of Health 197.000 persons with disabilities live in Armenia, who have numerous everyday problems connected with the medicine, education, law and even daily bread. You can see a few of them at schools, in the parks, on cafes or other public places beside everyone and equal.

We hope, that there will be new programs probably. It is a pity, but fact: Armenia’s authorities admit that can not provide special conditions for persons with disabilities being a part of different age groups, as well as they admit that they can not support their social inclusion explaining that with the lack of funds. Truly the problems are quite serious and even in more European countries such kind of problems are not completely resolved yet.

Therefore i hope, that “EKHO” NGO will give the opportunity to reveal the problems of persons with disabilities by the help of mutual connection and try to find more effective ways of their solution.
However, i would like to mention one more time, that no one is insured in the world neither from disabilities, nor being a parent of a child with disabilities, thus supporting to people with disabilities everyone help himself.

Best regards,
Seryozha Ohanjanyan
President of “EKHO” NGO