About Us

“EKHO” Disability Rights NGO was established on 3 July 2008. It is a sort of a public incorporation, which is not directed to getting profits and does not distribute the received profit to its participants (Nonprofit organization). Here prescribed by law are united natural persons based on the generality of their interests. They are the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, the foreign citizens, stateless persons which intend to suffice their non-religious and non-material requirements, and on the other hand they intend to recover the social, medical and professional condition of persons with disabilities, to provide the accessible environment for persons with disabilities, to maintain their education, employment, health, as well as, to construct social and legal guarantees which are vital for them to have an equal participation in social life with everyone.

So, the organization is guided by the principles of legality, self-governance and management. The organization aims to protect and assist people with disabilities and their families carrying out numerous projects directed to the solution of health, educational, cultural, social and employment issues. With the help of this the organization aims to stimulate the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, and the full assurance of their rights.