“EKHO” Disability Rights NGO was established on 3 July 2008, which in its activity is guided by publicity principles of legitimacy, self governance and management. The goal of organization is to protect and support persons with disabilities and their families carrying out numerous programs directed to the solution  of health, educational, cultural, social and employment issues, thereby the organization aims to stimulate social inclusion persons with disabilities and completely ensuring their rights in Armenia.

The organization determines its organizational structure itself and, subject of activity, goals and methods defined by RA law:

1. To provide material and moral support to the persons with disabilities and their families.

2. To support social inclusion and rehabilitation of health of persons with disabilities providing carts, go-carts, care and other necessary equipment.

3. To protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities in curt ,in other public and private institutions considering their rights as human main rights and support their solution.

4. To promote the  public participation in the search for forms in protection of legislative processes of the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as, with the assistance of an observer support legislative  agencies in the work of the development of  human rights protection guarantees with the help of submitting proposals.

5. To support disability issues basing on human rights and fundamental freedom, by means of monitoring programs carried out by RA State agencies, and ensuring their inclusiveness.

6. To promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all levels of education by means of their full and effective involvement and participation in public life.

7. To promote the creation of an accessible environment for people with disabilities- public places, services, vehicles, etc.

8. To promote  freedom of speech and opinion, access to information, simultaneously providing public awareness of persons with disabilities in the point  of fundamental human rights and gender equality.

9. To promote the exclusion of discrimination against persons with disabilities, because all the individuals are equal before the law and are under the law have a right to be protected with  equal basis with others without any discrimination.

10. To evince and ensure respect to being specific of persons with disabilities recognizing them as human diversity and an important part of  humanity.

11. To highlight the freedom and security of persons with disabilities so that they have legal guarantees  in accordance with international human rights law, also providing the necessary facilities.

12. To prevent the exploitation (in the purpose of trafficking) of  persons with disabilities  exempting them from exploitation, violence and  cruel treatment.