Our projects

The aims of projects formed by EKHO NGO is to protect and ensure the full and equal realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all the persons with disabilities, as well as the respect for their dignity, which is also established in the United Nations’ “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” – “Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make their own choices, and independence” principle is enshrined in “EKHO” NGO Charter, Chapter 2, paragraph 2.3.9, where is said “Promote non-discrimination of persons with disabilities, because all of us are equal before the law and according to the law have the right to (without any discrimination) be protected by law equal with others and have access to law. “
For assurance of above-mentioned “EKHO” NGO Human Rights Council on 19 June 2010 confirmed the functions and working procedures of charitable and legal project coordination and working group, including the implementation of measures of organizational nature.

The main functions of Working Group:

a) The development and assessment of legal and charitable programs (Recognition of cancellation, suspension), and if such an assessment proceeds from the other program, then reassess and submit a petition to the president of “EKHO” NGO about the changes.

c) Determining the scope of services and projects directly related to the legal and charitable programs and being a significant for them.

d) The direction of Legal and administrative register of legal and charitable programs including the registration of charitable projects, charity support and Registration drive of volunteers’ work.

e) Exercising supervision over the implementation of legal and charitable programs, information publication on the progress and completion.

f) Study the practice of charitable and legal programs, take measures to increase their effectiveness, including taking the necessary measures, including the submission of petitions to the relevant state agencies to carry out checks.

g) The discussion of summary connected with completion of charitable and legal program.

h) The implementation of other functions provided with “EKHO” NGO – ensuring publicity.