“EKHO” Disability Rights NGO’s strategy is directed to protection of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Armenia, which addresses to the problems with disabilities basing on human rights and fundamental freedom, whose main function is monitoring of projects carried by RA state bodies and support of their inclusion. Therefore, the strategy of the organization is divided into 3 main directions.

Disability Rights

Disability Rights is directed to the equal protection (in national and state programs) of rights and interests of persons with disabilities in RA, as an expression of basic human rights excepting the violated human rights and freedom’s trample of persons with disabilities by State bodies, definitely guided by the fundamental principles of legality, social justice and social coexistence which derive from the principles of UNO Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Support is directed to the health -social inclusion and restoration of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Armenia. The organization provides the children with disabilities, under its support, with carts, go-carts, necessary auxiliary equipment, care and proper equipment.


Awareness is directed to the strengthening of social and political media movement of persons with disabilities in RA. The organization has published its alternative blog named ,whose main goal is social development and awareness about the problems of persons with disabilities, because before the law equality is wider concept and also includes equality before the court. Therefore, one of the best modern ways for the solution of the problems of persons with disabilities exactly is the awareness.