The supervision ambit of the president of “EKHO” NGO

The general  responsible person of program implementation (also risk assessment) of “ EKHO” NGO is the president. All actions and events included in the program are approved  by the Company  Board, according to deadlines, financing sources  and the responsible of pursuance. That is, the important tool of program implementation is budgetary and extra-budgetary financing, whose responsible, as a rule, is the project leader with his direct supervision, combining monitoring and risk assessment.

So, here are the the supervision ambit and areas of the president of “EKHO” NGO:

  1. “EKHO” NGO accomplishes supervision of “EKHO” NGO Council and NGO’s decisions and programs (Including the medium-term) approved by stuff ,whose results reports “EKHO” NGO Council.
  2. Accomplishes  supervision of program manager’s transferred assignments, available in the decisions of “EKHO” NGO president and Council, about what reports to “EKHO” NGO president and program manager.
  3. “EKHO” NGO studies the implementation process of problems and questions revealed in applications and proposals of citizens with disabilities and reports to NGO’s president and program manager about their results, presenting appropriate recommendations.
  4. Accomplishes evaluation and analysis of program’s performance efficiency established by “EKHO” NGO president or Council, moreover, of statutory functions of operations units performing program oversight.
  5. Accomplishes functions and work connected with the necessary information’s replenishment of website’s appropriate section.